Saturday, January 8, 2011

«Call the laborers, and give them their hire.» (Matthew 20:8)

«Call the laborers, and give them their hire.»
(Matthew 20:8)
«Call the laborers, and give them their hire.»
HE LORD is a good Master; He pays His servants while they work and also when their work is done.

One of His payments is this: an easy conscience. If you have spoken faithfully of Jesus to one person, when you go to bed at night you feel happy, thinking, «I have today discharged my conscience of that man’s blood.»

There is a great comfort in doing something for Jesus. What a happiness to place jewels in His crown, and give Him to see of the travail of His soul!

There is also very great reward in watching the first buddings of conviction in a soul! To say of that girl in the class, «She has a tender heart—I do hope that the Lord is at work in her.»

To go home and pray over that boy, who said something in the afternoon which made you think he must know more of divine truth than you had feared! Oh, the joy of hope!

But as for the joy of success—it is unspeakable! This joy, overwhelming as it is, is a hungry thing—you pine for more of it. To be a soul-winner is the happiest thing in the world. With every soul you bring to Christ, you get a new heaven on earth.

But who can conceive the bliss which awaits us above! How sweet is that sentence, «Enter you into the joy of your Lord!» Do you know what the joy of Christ is over a saved sinner? This is the very joy which we are to possess in heaven.

Yes, when He ascends the throne, you shall ascend with Him. When the heavens ring with «Well done, well done!» you shall have a part in the reward. You have worked with Him; you have suffered with Him; you shall now reign with Him. You have sown with Him; you shall reap with Him.

Your face was covered with sweat like His, and your soul, like His, was grieved for the sins of men; now your face shall be bright with heaven’s splendor as is His countenance, and now your soul shall be filled with heavenly joys just as His soul is.

[From Charles H. Spurgeon’s devotional Morning and Evening.]

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